Decorating Your Middle School Classroom

Posted on: 5 June 2015


If you will be teaching a middle school class for the first time this coming school year, decorating your classroom for the appropriate-aged children you will be teaching is a bit more challenging than in an elementary school setting. The first day you come to your classroom it will look extremely plain with white walls, a chalkboard, and possibly a smart board. Use some of these tips to personalize the area before the first day of school in an attempt to make your students feel comfortable in their new classroom.

Make a Bulletin Board

Set aside an area on the wall for a large bulletin board area which will show upcoming events. Print a large calendar so that special activities, quizzes, and tests you will be giving, or homework assignments due can be placed upon it daily so your students will have a source to get important information. Consider hanging some equations and grammatical phrases made out of felt to staple around the calendar to make the bulletin board look festive. Place a few pins on the board so pictures of your students can be hung after classes start.

Set Up a Reading Area

Place some of your favorite books on a shelf in one corner of the classroom. Place a colorful rug on the floor. Bring in one or two small, comfortable chairs that you buy from a thrift store to place on the rug. Allow students who have finished their studies ahead of others in the class to use the area to relax and read.

Place a form on a clipboard near the books so that students can sign out a book to take home for the evening if they wish. This area will become a favorite spot in the classroom, and the students will benefit from their quiet time by furthering their reading skills.

Include Some Inspiration

Large posters with inspirational educational quotations can spruce up empty walls while giving students something to look at in between activities. These quotes are often contemplated quietly by students, allowing them to ponder their meanings. Look for a quotation creating software that allows you to upload photographs you find with appropriate quotes that you wish to share.

The quote creator programs allow you to pick the size of the poster and it will pixelate the colors of the picture unloaded so it can be printed over several pieces of paper. Laminate these pages and assemble them to construct large signs to hang on your wall. They will grab the attention of anyone visiting the classroom and can be a great way to add color.