Top 3 Features To Look For In A Borescope

Posted on: 6 July 2015


There are many features that come with borescopes that it's easy to get confused, and fast. The range of features in borescopes have increased and as a result the price and complexity have also increased.  When too many features are added, the borescope becomes difficult to use and that leaves you wondering which features are absolutely necessary.  Here are the top three features you need to look for in a borescope.

Light Up Your Life

If you're using a borescope, you'll want the light source on your borescope to be high quality, long-lasting and bright enough to  light up dark spaces.  When you compare light sources, LED light sources are by far the best option.  You want to stay away from borescopes with other light sources such as incandescent, halogen or xenon light bulbs.  While these light sources work well for other devices, your borescope requires the more efficient light of LED.


Usually, articulation has something to do with speech or the clarification of a concept.  With borescopes, it is the degree to which the borescope can move left/right or up/down.  It's the amount of motion that you can control, and you definitely want an articulating borescope rather than a non-articulating borescope if you are inspecting areas remotely.  There are 2-way and 4-way articulating borescopes, and as explained on, the 2-way borescopes allow only for left/right motion control and a flexible borescope can be either articulating or non-articulating.

Tungsten Braided Sheath

The reason you are looking for a tungsten braided sheath is because you want durability.  The tungsten has a very high melting point, so it can withstand high temperatures.  It's strong and therefore is long-lasting.

More Is Not Always Better

With these features in mind, think about the reason you're buying a borescope and what is essential for the task you're performing.  Do you need a strong source of light to remotely view and inspect an area? Do you need a greater or lesser range of movement or articulation in your borescope? Do you need a covering on your borescope that will allow for many years of use, or that will not produce wear even in high heat circumstances?  You may need to think not only about how you plan to initially use the borescope, but also about how you may use it for more tasks down the line and what features you will need. If you look for these three features as you shop, you will be able to compare one borescope to another to best suite your needs.