Three Reasons To Hire A Corporate Meeting Planner

Posted on: 9 August 2016


Many companies are still planning corporate meetings in-house. However, in most cases, it can be highly beneficial to retain the services of a corporate meeting planner. If you haven't made the move to hire someone to help you with your corporate meeting planning and setup, to include audiovisual and other technology needs, the following information may help convince you to have a third party corporate event planner help you with your next corporate meeting.

Time and Productivity Considerations

When you handle all of your corporate meeting planning and setup tasks in-house, at least one employee (and possibly several) must be away from their regular work to handle these tasks. This usually includes one or two administrative personnel, as well as a couple members of your IT Department staff. This can result in reduced productivity for these employees. In addition, other employees will have to pick up the slack, so more employees are affected than just those that are working the meeting setup, administration and break down tasks. There is also a concern of knowledge and experience; if you have employees working the meeting that are new to meeting administration, you may experience delays, technical difficulties, and confusion. An outside corporate meeting planning firm will eliminate all of these problems and ensure your meeting is flawlessly executed.


Money is a huge concern for many managers. If you handle corporate meeting administration in-house, employee productivity will be impacted, which can impact your bottom line quite a bit (as discussed above). However, there are costs associated with the audiovisual equipment, food and beverages and other amenities that must be present for a successful meeting. If you source these items yourself, you likely won't find the best prices on things, especially if you are planning a corporate meeting on short notice. When you hire a meeting planner to handle these tasks, your planner can utilize their resources and network to find the best prices without spending hours on research and price comparisons.


Most corporate meeting planners have the appropriate equipment on hand when you call, so this eliminates the need for you to rent or purchase your own audiovisual and other equipment that you'll need to host a successful corporate meeting. Your meeting planner is also well-versed in operating this equipment, so you don't have to learn a new system or worry about what to do if something goes wrong during the meeting. This can save time and embarrassment and keep your meeting moving smoothly. Talk to a company like WNAV Audio Visual that provides equipment for corporate meetings for more information.