• Top 3 Features To Look For In A Borescope

    There are many features that come with borescopes that it's easy to get confused, and fast. The range of features in borescopes have increased and as a result the price and complexity have also increased.  When too many features are added, the borescope becomes difficult to use and that leaves you wondering which features are absolutely necessary.  Here are the top three features you need to look for in a borescope.
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  • Decorating Your Middle School Classroom

    If you will be teaching a middle school class for the first time this coming school year, decorating your classroom for the appropriate-aged children you will be teaching is a bit more challenging than in an elementary school setting. The first day you come to your classroom it will look extremely plain with white walls, a chalkboard, and possibly a smart board. Use some of these tips to personalize the area before the first day of school in an attempt to make your students feel comfortable in their new classroom.
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  • 5 Ways You Can Make Your Court Reporter's Job Easier

    Because cameras are not allowed in court rooms in many states, people rely on court reporters to make sure that there is a full record of each and every court case. A court reporter from a place like G & M Court Reporters & Video will produce what is called a transcript, or document containing everything that is said in the court, all of the evidence that is presented, and the order in which these two items come up during the case.
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