• Three Reasons To Hire A Corporate Meeting Planner

    Many companies are still planning corporate meetings in-house. However, in most cases, it can be highly beneficial to retain the services of a corporate meeting planner. If you haven't made the move to hire someone to help you with your corporate meeting planning and setup, to include audiovisual and other technology needs, the following information may help convince you to have a third party corporate event planner help you with your next corporate meeting.
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  • Three Things You Need to Know about Automating Your Lights

    If you're a homeowner who is looking for ways to automate your home in order to save money or have more convenience, your home's lighting is a big target. Even if you use LED bulbs, which typically use very little energy, lighting remains one of the biggest drains of energy in your house. By programming when the lights come on and go off and how bright a dimmable light may be, you can reduce your energy usage.
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